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Elksberg Offensive

Elksberg Offensive

This was a roughly even battle between myself an Dan Caltagirone, part of the ongoing campaign. He had 900 points and I had 600 + my King Barksain Boltstruck. (worth 320 points)

My Army

Dan's army


We played a Control on a 4' x 4' board. I mean Dan did, I played Kill. :p (If everything is dead you'll probably win the scenario)


Barksain Boltstruck pondered the situation as only a Tree Herder can. "Hmmm..." Several hours passed as he considered the vile confederation of Dust and the Orc. They had swarmed over his lands but then run away when he had expected an attack on his capital.

Perhaps the power of the Green Lady had scared them? This could be a good time to restore his former lands. Splitting his host, he left his ancient fortress under the control of Exemplar Julius Anguita - The Red Redeemer his liege lord and ruler of the Brotherhood of the Green Lady. Two of Barksain's armies were sent to recapture villages while he would venture forth, and return the town of Elksberg to it's proper place.

As he got closer he saw many Orcs gathering, this worried him as he'd thought hey had all fled the area. However they appeared dull and tired. They must have marched all night to be at the battle. This could be in his favour, perhaps they would make errors in their strategy? 


Seizing the initiative Barksain and his small force sped forward, beginning to encircle the enemy, watching for weakness. He didn't have to wait long.

Seizing the Initiative

The Orcs slowly edged forward for the main, however one large group of impetuous Young Ax moved up, apparently ignoring Barksain! They seemed intent on the main force perhaps concentrating on the Dragon Lyffang?

Seeing the flank offered to him and deciding decisive action was the way forward, Barksain sped forward into the side of the foolish Orcs. Screaming with something between fear and anger, the Elf King Mai-Ladieral, on the Great green Dragon, Lyffang charged into the front of the Orcs along with their recently dscovered new allies, the Riverguard Treeleapers. The Orcs held for mere seconds before streaming away. Orcs scurried everywhere, routed with ease


The remaining Orcs seemed flabbergasted at this briefly, then a lone and either very brave or very stupid drummer, turned towards Barksain. Hoisting his drum up high he began to madly charge directly at Boltstruck himself! Surely this was doomed to failure? Somehow he swung his drum with enough force to slightly damage the oaken skin. The Orc was exultant! However seconds later, a green light burst out of Barksain, the Orc shielded his eyes and then... Unbelievably the Tree King was unmarred once again...

In typical form Mai-Ladieral on his mighty Dragon stood and watched as a group of Orcs with great bladed axes ran his way, and timing his defence terribly, the Orcs caused major wounds to his poor mount Lyffang, and even he suffered a long scvratch down his arm! "Arrggh!" he yelped, and as per previous battles he once again considered fleeing... "Back Lyffang!" He panicked. Looking round wildly he exhorted his Dragon to back away and take refuge in the nearby duck pond. Scattering the few wildfowl that we're currently hiding in the undergrowth. Mai-Ladieral looked around wildly with fear as a goose honked in his direction.

The far braver Riverguard Treeleapers, engaged the other unit of great axed Orcs, but somehow failed to do much too them, thier weapons not piercing the lightly armoured Orcs nearly as well as expected.

Barksain and the Hunters of the Wild seeing the distress of Mai-Ladieral both charged the flanks of the Great Axed Orcs routing them quickly. Barksain turned to Mai-Ladieral briefly. Seeing him standing in the duck pond dripping and cowering Barksain let out a deep sigh, if only his Elf allies could be more reliable...

The pond is safe right? HONK!

The remaining great axed Orcs counter charged the Riverguard Treeleapers and routed them with ease, the frogs jumping away in all directions...

Barksain was too busy to note this however, as the final horde of young Orcs charged off the hill, their Godspeaker chanting to try to aid their vigor, but thankfully the impetuous Orcs ignored him. Their axes began to bite, however this wasn't enough to topple the ancient Tree Herder.

Mai-Ladieral was still feeling unsure about the situation, but Lyffang the powerful Dragon had had enough. Jumping forward he powered himself straight into the flank of the young Orcs causing terrible wounds with his claws, felling Orc after Orc with ease. Letting out a roar of wild excitement , Lyffang exulted as the few remaining Orcs fled. Mai-Ladieral barely holding onto the saddle above him let out a weak shout, and then dropped his weapon, which tumbled to ground. Barksain shook his head once again, perhaps he'd bring Kai, Mai's brother to battle next time...

End Throes

Barksain then took a few seconds to deal with the plucky Orc and his drum, impressed with the drummers earlier bravery, he knocked him out rather than killing him, he doubted the Orc would have done the same. Turning he saw his Hunters of the Wild engaged with the last remaining Great axed Orcs, by the time he got there though the Orcs routed. The Orc Flagger went the same way.

As the battle ended the reluctant Mai-Ladieral decided it would be safer to encourage Lyffang to deal with the Godspeaker from afar, Lyffang shot huge gouts of flame towards the Orc over the building but most of it missed, and the battle for good or ill was done.

"Brave" Mai-Ladieral encourages Lyffang to engulf the God-Speaker.


Elksberg had been recovered, the Orcs dispatched with ease but Barksain Boltstruck was not pleased. Seconds ago his scouts had returned news that the Armies of Dust and Orcs had tricked him, their retreat had been a bluff. 

A mighty combined force, had in fact attacked his capital which he had left undefended bar for his allies the Brotherhood of the Green Lady. Was this the end or could Julius Anguita - The Red Redeemer, his now liege hold it for him? Surely the Green Lady had a plan... Or was this the end?

The current turn of the campaign

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Battle of Bognor Bridge

The Battle of Bognor Bridge

Welcome to my narrative battle report. This was a Universal Battle campaign game played between myself and Sam Sowden Garcia. We had approx 3300 points each, Sam choose the scenario which was a Dominate, I choose to go first. 


Sam's army was,

Exemplar Julius Anguita - The Red Redeemer

Plus his Campaign legendary king, These Kings have one upgraded stat of our choice and two artefacts. up to a limit of 320 points.  

Exemplar Redeemer on Winged Unicorn, Unit Strength 2!, Brew of Sharpness, Blessing of the Gods.

My army was,

My King. 


Barksain Boltstruck - King of the Sylvans
Barksain Boltstruck surveyed the land. He knew that foul enemies were all around him, planning to chop down the trees, kill the peaceful creatures that lived there, and pollute the land. 

The Green Lady surely must not want this outcome, and he knew he had her favour as her Avatar had appeared to him to help defend the land!

Just then the Warden of the High forests Gnarlsly returned, bearing news from the scouts. "Sire!" She laboriously croaked, "It is worse than we thought." , "We are being invaded over the River Bognor by the old ones bridge!" 

"Hmm" said Barksain slowly, a deep groaning vibration emanating from within him. "This is the point we must meet them and destroy their forces, we need that to hold that bridge to stop their invasion of the land". "But Sire!" said Gnarlsly, "The humans, they call themselves the Brotherhood of the Green Lady, and Sire...". "They also have a supposed Avatar of the Green Lady herself!". 

"WHAT!" thundered Barksain, an electric spark crackling around his branches. "She must not be a true Avatar, unless" He finished thoughtfully... "The Lady wills us to leave this place?". Gnarlsly shifted nervously from trunk foot to foot, her roots trailing.

"We shall meet them in battle, and let the Lady herself decide." Barksain said with calm and measured groaning tones. "As she wills.", "Gather the banners, call our Elven allies."

The Battle Begins

Later that day the Brotherhood of the Green Lady and their numerous forces we're drawing close, their pennants and banners fluttering in the chill wind. The bridge had to be held. Barksains forces scouted ahead and at last minute bursted from the trees. Surprising the enemy and hurtling forwards with supernatural speed!

King Boltstruck had a cunning plan, using his Lady given agility, he sped forward and struck a Unicorn, before the Brotherhood could react! If the Lady willed, he would crush it, and with his momentum then strike the flank of the Water Elementals. His ally the Wiltfather charged the Elementals front simultaneously, his mysterious dark miasma oozed out towards the enemy, spreading decay into them, wherever it went.

Barksain Boltstruck hit hard and the Unicorn whinnied in terror! But then some mysterious force of will steadied him and Barksain was repulsed!

The initial gambit fails, setting up the inevitable flanks...

This was a terrible omen and the nearby Redemption Knights, despite being momentarily taken aback ,soon regain their composure and charged into Barksains flank. Near instantly, his animating lifeforce was deadened and that was the last he knew, bar one long thought. "Green Lady, why have you forsaken us?"

The Wiltfather
The Wiltfather on the other hand, knew much of death and loss, and despite Water Elementals surging into his flank, held on. The Sylvan Avatar of the Green Lady speed onwards and healed the Wiltfather somewhat, and together with flanking Tree Shamblers they managed to rout a Horde of Water Elementals, turning the ground into a messy muddy puddle. Perhaps her favour was returning?  No, it was not to be, like a tsunami the remaining Elementals swept onwards and the Wiltfather was knock prone uprooted and deadened on the cold ground, as his body began to sink into the mud. 

Barksains gambit had failed utterly...

The rest of the Sylvan army sped forwards, they knew they must keep the enemy away from the bridge, and despite the loss of their leaders so early the needed to hold!

Hold the Bridge!

The plucky Gur Panthers charged into the enemy all over the battle field, and somehow many of them kept the enemey occupied. The Earth Elementals and Knights seeming somewhat frightful of these large predatory cats. The Knights even wavered briefly and looked to be on the edge of fleeing! But they were too headstrong for that and seconds later, they rebounded into the fray.

On the other flank huge flying monstrosities including the Julius Anguita, the Red Redeemer on his flying Unicorn faced off briefly with the Elven Kings before running away, heading over the Sylvan forces in an aerial flyby display that beggared belief.

The Elven King Mai-Ladieral riding Lyffang.

Elf King Mai-Ladieral, on the Great green Dragon, Lyffang, could see things going badly for his allies and knew the Treekin sorely needed help. He wished he'd been able to muster more of people, but only he and one other on the fastest Elven horse had, had the speed to get to the battle in time.

Spurring the great Lyffang on, he sped towards the flank of the great horde of Brotherhood Knights. Landing with devastating impetus he hewed them with his mighty enchanted Polearm, again and again! The Hunters and Shamblers also engaged the horde, but due to some unknown force they fared poorly and did not even scratch the Knights armour.

Due to this abysmal turn of events the Knights we're not killed and merely began to waver as like the other Order of Redemption. But... Again their headstrong nature swung them back into the action! They hit the Hunters with extreme anger and disintegrated their life energies with ease.

King Mai-Ladieral now had a choice, continue into the horde of Knights and finish them. Or a quick flight into the Flank of Order of Redemption. Deciding perhaps wrongly that the Horde was dealt with for now and blocked in place, they could be safely left,  the Dragon, Lyffang launched itself into the air! And then crashing down again into the Redemption Knights flank causing carnage! But once again some bizarre turn of events stopped them from fleeing and with insane courage the knights held on!

Battle of the Avatars

On the right, the Avatars of the Green Lady we're facing off, each hurling out green and black auras of arcane energy. Healing magic was bursting forth from the Unicorns and nothing was dying! But then eventually the Sylvan's magic faltered, the Lady favour turned towards the Brotherhood and the remaining Shamblers we're killed.

If they had only lasted one more turn, but alas it was not to be. This critical failure meant the Water elementals could direct their attention to the bridge.

The Red Redeemer on his winged unicorn had spent most of his time fighting Gur Panthers on the far flank but then as the day progressed,hurtled back to the centre and started dismembering Hunters of the Wild. Thing looked grim, and faced with mere Men at-Arms, the Elven King Mai-Ladieral decided it was time to leave and cowardly fled the battlefield! It was now the last stand of the Sylvans...

Until now the unobtrusive Forest Warden Gnarlsly had taken a back seat, but she could see surely all was lost, the enemy would surely capture her Liege and they would not willingly ransom him, this could not be allowed, she would give her life for him if need be. She saw a slim chance and took it. 

The Red Redeemer had his back to Gnarlsly treating her with obvious disdain. Well she'd show him! With a cunning anger she sped into his rear and hit him with incredible force, and felled him. The Red Redeemer was down!

As thing stood, the day was nearly at an end. If the battle was decided now it would be a draw, but the Brotherhood made the choice to fight on just a little longer, disaster!

The end is nigh...

The final throws of the battle saw the loss of most of the remaining Sylvan forces. Gnarlsly was seen dragging away the body of the Red Redeemer, a handful of Forest shamblers and the Avatar of the green lady, also disappeared into the trees.

The Brotherhood of the Green Lady had won, but at great cost, both armies had been battered. Was this truly serving the Green Ladies will? In the coming days, their envoys met and the Kings were ransomed one for one. Perhaps this would bring a lasting peace between their kingdoms?


With the power of the Avatar, Barksain Boltstruck regained consciousness. With an instant clarity he knew his plan had failed utterly and worse still the inability to secure the bridge meant he had no safe route to his lands. Now a vast army stood between him and his home, and his forces we're sorely diminished. He'd had disturbing reports of an evil alliance of Orcs and an Empire of Dust invading his homeland, but what could he do? Plus what of the Green Lady, what plan did she have for him? A worried frown settled upon his great bark face.

"What will we do without your blessing my Lady?" he said to himself... Gnarlsly the plucky warden spoke up. "You will always have me sire".

Daniel "Darklord" King