Friday, 21 October 2016

Pussies ready for the CoK!

Inspired by my Texas trip and all the amazing armies with boards I saw there, and also Nick and Jon amongst others in the UK who've been making army boards, I decided to join in the fun. So this week I've been working on my very first proper army board. This basically expanded upon the techniques I've already used for the unit bases.

I started with a white board 600mm x 400mm, I sprayed the frame black then put masking tape over it for easy removal at the end. Then I added 10mm extruded foam. (blue) First an entire sheet lightly carved around the edges then stacked up to 4 sheets high at the back of the board. I carved hills and added a couple of little caves. Then cut a river, waterfall and pond into it.

Next up I covered it in Vallejo Dark Earth texture paint, then added the ruins, tent and all the other props, then left it over night to dry.

Once dried I highlighted it with a lighter shade then added the icicles, waterfall, river and pond. I combined water effects with Uhu glue and this has given it a nice frosty look. Also below you can see the drunken dwarf with his loyal dog and a cosy campfire. (it's wired up and glows, so I had to learn basic electronics too!)

Finally I added the snow, I used woodland scenics snowshaker all over, (Using Elmers clear school glue) then mixed the glue with the snow about 50/50 to make the sludgy snow which I applied to sections of the board. I've been using this technique for a few years and it retains it's whiteness really well. (the snow panthers below were painted and based three years ago. 

So there we have it, I hope you enjoyed seeing my army on it's new board, I'm looking forward to giving the pussies a run out at CoK this weekend!


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